Watercolor Techniques – The Beauty of Watercolor

In the general population, the perception of watercolor techniques and painting may not always paint a clear picture of the true beauty of this unique style of art.

When people think of watercolor they often think of the little plastic trays that contain dried pigments, not the high quality tubes of paint that serious artists use.

A skilled artist makes use of many different types of watercolor techniques giving their work a bold and spontaneous look.  In an age where digital artwork is becoming more common, the unique combinations of color that a watercolor artist can create through different washes, gives it a look that is impossible to mimic digitally.


Fine Art Watercolor Techniques

By varying their approach and utilizing the many different watercolor techniques that have been developed by artists around the world, a watercolor painter can create vibrant works of fine art.

Generally the most common of watercolor techniques is to work in many different washes of color.  By layering several washes upon each other an artist can cause the colors to interact, creating an effect that is unique to each painting.

Controlling a watercolor wash takes great skill and a lot of practice.  Failing to make proper use of a wash can transform a painting from a work of great beauty into a dark and dreary mess.

Watercolor painters have the option of using different masking fluids to protect areas of a painting from being colored by the paint, enabling them to work with great precision.  A favored technique of many painters involves the application of a masking fluid followed by an application of a wash onto a wet paper.

By working in this way a painter can leave parts of their painting unaffected by the washes of color and still obtain that fresh and spontaneous look that is unique to watercolor.

A person who truly appreciates art can look at a watercolor painting and marvel at the skill of the artist who uses many different watercolor techniques to create a work of great beauty.

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