If you would like to contact me or make a purchase, please use the form below quoting the reference number of the painting/s in which you are interested (if applicable), together with your contact details.


Many thanks.

Anna DiGesu



2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Sonja-Cristina Dehn says:

    Hello Anna, I wrote you many months ago. No answer yet. My parents Horst and Beatriz bought many of your naif- paintings in La Ventura. Like 45 years ago…to Lothars’ time… My family don’t want the big ones but yes we want to keep al the middle and little ones. So I have here in Almuñecar somebody who is interested in the big ones. I would like to sell them for a price that is fair . Could you help me out, please!
    Best wishes, Sonja.

    • Anna says:

      Dear Sonja, I would like to help you. I know someone in England who is looking for one of my naifs. Can you tell me the theme of the painting you wish to sell and the size and I will let him know. And I can also asses the price.
      Best regards, Anna

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