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Paintings I Like

In all of my years of strolling through museums and galleries out of thousands of paintings I have seen there stand out several that have effected me the most and here I will list them.  I will include paintings I have not seen in a museum but even the prints in a book have enthralled […]


Expressionism Art

The definition of Expressionism Art is the depiction of either people, landscapes or still life in a manner behyond an academic or realistic manner.  The forms and colors of the particular theme are often not strictly as they are in real life; interpretation by  the colors especially are very different and more imaginativethan they appear […]

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What is Art Online?

Art online can be in all the expected places.  Displayed on artist’s websites or for sale on one of the many wonderful art venues available for lovers of art.  Art Online can also be found in unexpected places, such as in video presentations set to music, on video sharing services, as art cards to email, […]