What is Art Online?

Art online can be in all the expected places.  Displayed on artist’s websites or for sale on one of the many wonderful art venues available for lovers of art.  Art Online can also be found in unexpected places, such as in video presentations set to music, on video sharing services, as art cards to email, or even as work in video games or as art to beautify websites.

Art online flourishes in many communities.  Sites like DeviantArt not only allow artists and art lovers to build community but also buy and sell prints of their creations. WetCanvas has a thriving userbase of artists who work in every style and medium, who share tips, lessons and techniques with each other and with eager students.

Art Online and Social Media

Many artists promote their art on social media sites like Facebook and Google+, while photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket make it possible for artist to curate and display collections of photos of their works.

Some art is made especially for use online, such as art made especially for a themed website or art meant to be used as backgrounds on websites or desktops.

Some video games require art for inclusion in the game.  Whether this art is as grand as sweeping background vistas or as intimate as realistic and lovely skin for characters, the art of online games greatly enriches the users’ experience.

There are many fine art museums online as well.  For modern art online, one of the finest available online art sites is the site associated Museum of Modern Art in New York.  This lovely site has an extensive online collection and an astonishing range of resources for people interested in modern art of all forms.

For other art online, there are collections such as Olga’s Gallery, which presents a variety of fine art from Gothic to Abstract and everything in between and the excellent Netherlands Rijksmuseum online collection. There is art online almost everywhere one looks!

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