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“Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends” – Marc Chagall

Anna DiGesu

My name is Anna DiGesu and I was born in The United States of Italian parents and lived there until 1967.

In my late teens I won an art scholarship to the Cooper Union School of Fine Arts, which was a three year course.

After graduation I was obliged to work in offices and didn’t get to paint full time until I moved to Spain in 1967.

I was fortunate in my decision to move to Spain as I found a country whose people revered art and artists.  So between that and the wonderful hospitality of the Spaniards and the beautiful light of the Mediterranean, life was very agreeable.

Life was also extremely cheap and most of the population didn’t even pay taxes – until the beginning of the 80’s.  I remember when we heard that a person had been taxed 90 pesetas, there was a universal gasp of horror!


Creating My Naif Style

Naif WeddingWhile working in various mundane jobs to feed myself, I managed to develop the style called Naif.  I made up scenes of Spanish life as it was in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

These works, done in acrylic due to the fine detail, became very popular and I managed to build a house and studio with the sale of these paintings.  (Due to family circumstances in 1990 I was obliged to sell the house which I mourn to this day and I now live in an apartment with a smaller studio.)

When I moved into my house I was able to employ a model and although I worked every day on the Naifs I saved one morning a week to draw from the nude figure.  This came in good stead when I gradually found more time to develop a more personal style.

My main  influences in this personal style are Matisse, Bonnard and Derain.  I admire their use of color and form and their individuality and their dogged work ethic through all their various adversities.


Fine Art – Human Figure Drawing

My first love is the human figure which I consider one of Nature’s finest creations and to which I return again and again even after I have ventured into landscape or still life.

I favor form in general as opposed to abstract, the latter of which I relegate to the backgrounds of  my figure paintings.

While working I like to hear soothing classical music but often I attempt to have on air a quiz show which engages one part of my mind and releases  some aspect of my  subconscious.  This produces some pleasing effects on mainly the backgrounds of my paintings.

For instance, the painting called “The Green Towel” is an example of this method, as the background was painted with one part of my mind on answering questions of a quiz show.  I worked long on the figure but never changed a stroke of the background.

In my opinion there is so much unpleasantness and negativity in the world which expresses the dark side of human nature and as such there is more need for a counterpoint in the beauty created by musicians, aftists and writers/poets.

I am certain that many people feel uplifted when they hear a beautiful voice or see a lovely work of art.

If I can be even a small part of this group I feel privileged.

Thank you for taking the time to visit – I hope you enjoy my site.

Anna DiGesu



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