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Watercolor Techniques – The Beauty of Watercolor

In the general population, the perception of watercolor techniques and painting may not always paint a clear picture of the true beauty of this unique style of art. When people think of watercolor they often think of the little plastic trays that contain dried pigments, not the high quality tubes of paint that serious artists […]


What is Art Online?

Art online can be in all the expected places.  Displayed on artist’s websites or for sale on one of the many wonderful art venues available for lovers of art.  Art Online can also be found in unexpected places, such as in video presentations set to music, on video sharing services, as art cards to email, […]


Canvas Painting Tips For Beginners

Canvas painting is an intimidating process for beginning artists who have never picked up a brush or painted on such a large surface. Creating a work of art on canvas is not only creatively rewarding but can also add to the décor of a home or work space. When starting a painting on canvas there […]